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The IDS Blast Story

IDS Blast & Paint has been in the abrasive blasting business since 1991 and we have mastered the techniques necessary to provide superior abrasive blasting, painting & powder coating services. We perform all of our services in our state-of-the art facility located in central Indiana. From single large objects to high volumes of smaller parts, we have the resources and project management experience to complete your project with excellent results, outstanding value, and on-time delivery. All services are performed by trained personnel in our large environmentally controlled facility featuring proper dust collection and disposal procedures.

Services Provided

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. We provide services to both large corporations and individuals. Click on the links below to learn more about the different services we provide.


Our 40,000 sq. ft dedicated blasting and coating facility is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Having blasting and coating services located at the same facility means we can quickly coat unprotected surfaces before flash rust or contamination can begin. Call to schedule a visit and allow us to demonstrate what we can do to meet your blasting and coating needs.

Blasting operation site

Wet painting and powder coating operation

Material Handling

IDS Blast & Paint can handle items as heavy as 20,000 lbs and can provide special heavy weight handling upon request. Large batches of small parts are never a problem. WIth overhead cranes, a forklift fleet, loading docs, work carts and yard spotters, we handle it all. And with ample indoor and outdoor storage space, we have room for your project.

See how we use this versatile piece of equipment to streamline our operation.

Project Management

We view our relationship with you as a partnership in success. Whatever your needs are, IDS Blast & Paint can provide a full service solution. We can move beyond our core services (cleaning, deburring, finishing, painting, powder coating, and surface preparation) to any value-added services (welding, repairing, applying rust inhibitors, warehousing, and more). We also have extensive experience in sourcing vendors for galvanizing, passivation, and liquid penetrant testing after coating removal. Make one call and let IDS Blast & Paint be your one stop shop.


Sandblasting / Powder Coating / Painting Services
Address: 2717 Tobey Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Phone: (317) 545-0665 Toll Free: 1-800-800-0665
Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

Pick up and delivery services available!

Environmental Stewardship

Our facility strives to be the industry leader in environmentally friendly practices.


We exceed all federal and local environmental requirements, and hold a Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit (FESOP).


IDS Blast is proud to be associated with the following organizations committed to furthering knowledge and standards of surface preparation and durable coatings.