Experienced In Quality

Since 1991 we have been applying professional protective coatings. The keys to our success have always been high quality products, proper equipment, and expert application personnel, so when you choose IDS Blast & Paint, you can expect beautiful, properly applied finishes.  Our modern paint booth accommodates objects as large as 14’ x 16’ x 64’, features filtered cross ventilation, and is temperature controlled for fast curing and application. We employ environmentally friendly products and practices and are fully licensed.

Finish Varieties

From just a simple primer coat to multi-layer specialty coatings, we are professionals who deliver.

More Than Just Paint

Depending on requirements, we can prepare projects for coating with abrasive blasting, thermal cleaning, and/or iron-phosphate pre-treatment. Since our services are all performed under one roof, your project goes from pre-treatment to coating, avoiding flash rust and weather exposure. Before, during and after the coating process, we offer many enhanced services including profile testing and DFT/Holiday testing. Whatever your project requires, we will partner with you to ensure success.