Enhanced Services

In addition to abrasive blasting and coating services, we offer a range of enhancements. We work with customers large and small on projects with special requirements and can accommodate most application needs. For projects requiring testing and data-logging, we have equipment on site.


If your project has special requirements, don’t hesitate to discuss them with our knowledgeable staff. Chances are, we already have experience with your requirements and can exceed your expectations.


Some more common enhanced services are listed below.

Surface Profile Testing

Require a precise level of surface profile for optimal adhesion? We can test and record surface profile to ensure quality results.

Dry Film Thickness Testing

Need to specify a minimum and/or maximum paint thickness? We can test and record dry film thickness on each piece after coating application.

Holiday Testing

Require testing for microscopic perforations in the applied protective coating? We can perform holiday testing to confirm a flawless coating.

Chloride Testing / Removal

 Chloride contamination a concern with your project? We can test for and perform treatments to remove chloride before it can ruin your project.

Temperature / Humidity Tracking

Many projects require temperature and/or relative humidity tracking when a coating is applied. Let us know when quoting your project.

Data Logging / Tracking

Require data logging for a contract or your own purposes? When measurements are required, we provide accurate logs.

Rust Inhibitor Application

Picking up bare metal after blasting? We can apply a 14 day rust inhibitor to protect your investment from flash rust caused by humidity.

Oil / Mold Release Application

If your project requires oiling or specific mold release application, we’ve got you covered.

Iron Phosphate Pre-Treatment

A.K.A. phosphatizing is a coating pre-treatment that provides better adhesion and better corrosion resistance. We maintain an eco-friendly phosphatizing booth on site.

Assembly / Disassembly

We can perform assembly and/or disassembly tasks so all you have to do is drop off and pick up your project.

Product Packaging

Commonly used for projects with a high quantity of small parts, we can return your project individually boxed and labeled.

Minor Welding Repairs

Our on-site service shop can carry out minor welding repairs. Let us save you the extra stop for welding services.

Pressure Washing

We offer pressure washing for projects that need to be cleaned prior to work or for cleaning ash from thermally cleaned items that do not require follow up blasting or paint.