Powder Coating

Powder coating is an alternative to traditional wet painting in which coating is applied in a powder and heated until it melts into a solid shell. IDS Blast & Paint uses state of the art equipment and top-of-the line powders to achieve finishes that are both durable and attractive. Our large application booth and computer controlled curing oven can handle objects up to 9’x9’x25’ or multiple smaller items.

Specialty Finishes

In addition to standard powder finishes, we apply a variety of specialty finishes:

Color Selection

We stock a large variety of standard powder colors and can order just about any color from any major manufacturer. Stop in for a color chip and check out our facility and what we are currently powder-coating.

Preparation and Pretreating

Prior to powder coating or wet painting, your project may benefit from other services so the final result is as durable and best looking as possible. We can prepare your project for coating by abrasive blasting, thermal cleaning and/or iron-phosphate pretreating.