What Is Thermal Cleaning?

Thermal cleaning (also known as burn-off) removes paint and light oil using a high-temp oven. Objects are placed in the oven and heated to a controlled temperature converting the coating to smoke. The smoke then runs through a 1600°F afterburner consuming pollutants, leaving only invisible, odorless and harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide to exit the exhaust stack. Thermal cleaning in many applications will save you money vs. traditional abrasive blasting. Count on us to know when to recommend this process for the most economical results.

Common Applications

If you have a paint line you can most likely benefit from thermal cleaning by IDS Blast® & Paint.

After Thermal Cleaning

After thermal cleaning we can follow up with a simple rinse off or any of our other services such as: abrasive blast finishing, wet painting, powder coating, or rust inhibitor application.