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“Blast rooms and paint booths aren’t just something we also do...”

We have built our reputation on years of providing the right solution, guidance & service throughout the decision process, construction & ongoing operations. IDS Blast is the right choice when you just can’t afford to get the wrong blast or paint solution.

We have been very pleased with our two ABS Blast Booths. IDS Blast has been extremely helpful throughout and after the purchase. IDS Blast and ABS Blast have provided technical assistance on site at our Eagle Railcar location multiple times for both training and maintaining peak performance. The service after the sale is first class.”

-Marc Walraven - President, Eagle Railcar Services

The Advantages of a Blast Room

Compared to open air blasting, the controlled environment of a blast room has many advantages that justify the investment.


1. Confining abrasive blast operations to a controlled, clean environment enables efficient abrasive recycling which has huge cost savings over single-use abrasive.

2. Blasting doesn’t have to wait for good weather so your production will increase.

3. Well planned abrasive blast room designs include details such as: an amply lit work area, an abrasive reclaim floor, an abrasive/trash separation system, and a dust collector for keeping the environment clean and contaminant free.


The bottom line is, blast rooms are a more efficient and productive way to blast.

Full Floor Blast Room with Catwalks

Large Industrial Abrasive Blast Rooms

Types of Blast Rooms

We provide blast room solutions from small to very large industrial operations. “Sandblast” rooms are generally split into two categories based on how the used abrasive is recovered: Mechanical Recovery and Pneumatic Recovery.

Blast Room Dust Collector

Mechanical Recovery
Medium to Heavy Production

Mechanical recovery blast rooms use augers and lift buckets to physically move used abrasive from the blast room to the abrasive recovery system. The slower speed of abrasive through the recovery system results in less wear and tear.

Pneumatic Recovery
Light to Medium Production

Pneumatic recovery blast rooms use vacuum to move used abrasive from the blast room to the abrasive recovery system. They can be a good option for light to medium production operations.You can use this widget to input text into the page.

Custom Blast Room with 3-Axis Personnel Lift

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Custom Blast Room with Monorail Material Handling

Pneumatic Recovery Blast Room with Two Wall Recovery